Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A bald eagle. On a cake. That is all.

For those of you guessing about the movie quote, it was Mickey Rourke's character Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 2.

Here, my faithful blog followers, is the boid... ...on the cake.
Our young Eagle Scout was thoroughly pleased with the cake and the bird. One eagle for another. Go Parker!!!By the end of the reception they were picking the chocolate feathers off of his back side and eating them. Who knew eagle feathers were tasty?

For my next trick, I'll be putting The Incredible Young Women of Winchester on a cake... stay tuned.


  1. I googled eagle scout cake pictures and your came up more than once! WOW!!!!! Awesome! I wish I could take the time to figure something like this out, but the court of honor is on sunday! This coming sunday! Just want to say I became a follower of your fabulous-ness! Nice to find that you are a fellow sister as well!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. If you like this cake, check out the cake blog. :) I still have the eagle... all we'd have to do is replace the feathers!